Please see our Resources page to access a bibliography developed specifically for the 2011 ELIA Leadership Symposium. The reading list expands on the primary topics of the symposium and follows the histories, philosophies and diverse practices of Higher Arts Education to stimulate discussions around the future of 21st century art and design education.



QR_U (an open school) Exhibition

We invite you to participate in an exhibition project that will form a dialogue with the upcoming ELIA Leadership Symposium. QR_U (an open school) will be a school-based project that links Emily Carr’s pedagogical practices and culture with the international inquiry brought to our institution through the delegates and speakers at the symposium.




As a space for inquiry and the sharing of knowledge, the blog is open to delegates and students leading up to and during the symposium and will document the conversations, presentations and workshops as the symposium progresses. Questions prompted by our bibliographic resources are posted regularly and participants are welcome to respond, share links and ideas, and reflect on topics presented in the blog.