QR_U aims to create an occasion and a setting for the broad questions surrounding our relationship with the arts and pedagogy, and the future of the art school. This exhibition project forms a ten-day school-within-a-school and is dependent on the current culture of exchange and dialogue at Emily Carr University. It aims to make visible the inside of the school and to distribute that school and its inquiry freely and widely.

Working alongside the themes of the ELIA Leadership Symposium, this exhibition will function as a process of collective inquiry, consisting of dialogue and interactions in response to questions and materials that connect to three main concerns:

1) WHAT is the new school of arts?

2) WHERE does learning happen?

3) HOW can we learn to learn?

The exhibition presents opportunities for members of the university community to locate the dialogue within a local context by way of its open classroom spaces, open websites, and an evolving virtual archive. This project challenges the traditional notion of an exhibition by attempting to produce a dialogical and networked space of relational learning. Exhibition events will intentionally blur the lines between art and pedagogy, with the understanding that by exploring the space in between these two areas, new ideas might emerge.

You can participate in the project website at

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Follow @qr_u on Twitter; use hashtag #QR_U when you tweet about the project

QR_U (an open school) takes place December 1-10, 2011

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