Diagram of the Bauhaus curriculum, by Johannes Itten, published in 1923.



Blueprints for Future Institutions

Looking at a range of earlier shifts in the development of arts education, these texts provoke an ever-present history, an archive of pedagogical thinking that continues to inform the forward movement of contemporary educational institutions.













Suné Woods, untitled (walking), pigment print, 30” x 20”, 2009

The Disciple in Flux: Access and Diversity

The challenge to implement inter-disciplinarity and to define methods of cultural/class/racial/age/gender diversification in art schools is ongoing.  The readings included here circulate notions of a situated and contextualized student self through ideas of critical thinking pedagogy, liberatory politics in design, and relational practices throughout cultural research and production.







Image from Independent School of Art, accessed October 31, 2011


The Laboratory

What can we learn from institutional experiments and alternative academies? Provided here is a sample of “art schools” that adopt nomadic infrastructure, collective governance and parasitic practices, which critique and respond to accredited and legitimized models of higher learning.










Christine Pan, Interdisciplinary Artist, from the series, HeadSpace, online project, 2011


Networked Classrooms

Now that digital and web culture has permeated both the theory and practice of education in the 21st century, these resources offer recent perspectives on how and when to incorporate online space into the structure and intention of the studio environment.









Bryan Nash Gill, Black Locust, variant 1/20 - 39" x 31", relief print on Okawara paper, 2009



In response to structural changes affecting art and design colleges and universities, such as the influences of the Bologna Process, ecological design standards, global market failures, and the expansion of higher terminal degree opportunities, institutions are faced with the need to adapt to changing economic conditions and moral economies both within and without.